A few days ago, a dear sister of mine contacted me to write an article.

I went home thinking of what to write about. I decided to share my experience of few months ago.

I hope you learn something from this.


I throway salute to Jehovah!
I throway salute to Jehovah!

We resumed second semester and I started seeing my result for the first semester exams.

They were not so good and I became so downcasted because I had put in a lot of effort.

I so read as I had never done before!

Alas, when my results came out, it was as if I didn’t do anything at all.

During that period, there were a lot of issues back at home and everything compounded and it was as if I should just give up.

I even contemplated suicide, evil thoughts came into my mind and I felt God did not love me anymore.

In my walk with God also, I was going through the wilderness experience or so I thought.

I was going about with a heavy heart, plastering on my face a fake smile.

I didn’t even feel like being around people as I just wanted to be on my own.

It got to the  point that I even didn’t want to attend fellowship. It was so obvious that one of my leaders noticed and asked why I was withdrawing.

In all these things, one thing I wasn’t frustrated to give up was Prayer!

I kept praying!

Prayer is the best exercise ever!
Prayer is the best exercise ever!

I just kept telling God to send me a message.

I just wanted to hear from Him!

I craved for Him!

I tried to get over the depression by listening to soul lifting songs and reading God’s word just to keep my self from thinking about how things were all wrong.

Guess what, my Faithful Father sent me His word!

I received His promises and was assured of His love from His word and He sent words to me through some of His children as well.

About three people spoke to me that I should not give up and that God loves me and He has a great plan for me.

All I was going through was just tactics of the devil to stop me from serving God by discouraging me.

About my wilderness experience, I was in church on a particular Sunday and during prayers, God just started to remind me of the various times He had spoken to me.

I began to remember all those times and how His words were true!

It was no wildernesses experience but just a tine for me to calm down and let God do His work.

It was as if a great burden was lifted off me and a certain heaviness of heart suddenly disappeared.

Joy just filled my heart and there was a new gait of gladness to my walk.

My joy and new zeal was caught by others around me and there was also a change in their lives. Since then, God has been ever faithful.

I've got a faithful friend and father!
I’ve got a faithful friend and father!

You may be going through a particular situation and thinking all hope is lost. You might even feel God has abandoned you.

I tell you, He has not!

He is working out something glorious for you.

He has something great planned for you.

Don’t give up!

Don’t be discouraged, it’s all going to turn out alright!

All you have to do is lay all worries at His feet, sit back and watch Him perfect all things .

God has promised you a glorious future and it will surely come to pass as long as you keep working hand in hand with Him and living in His will.

Even the whole economic situation of the country cannot hinder God’s plan from being fulfilled in your life.

Don’t give up, don’t give in to the devil, don’t give in to those depressing thoughts.

Don’t let your situation overwhelm you.

Wear a smile always, rejoice and be glad because God is handling your problems.

God’s love is for now and for ever after.

I am an expression of His grace!
I am an expression of His grace!


Praise the Lord!


Were you encouraged?

Really, I was and I didnt want to be selfish, so I decided to share with my wonderful readers as well.

She is a friend
A member of the BUD Family
This is her very first write up
I decided to pick it up, publish and encourage her while she blesses souls.
Her name is Temilola Elizabeth Bamidele aka Temmy Bandy!
See you later…. Love you…. Muah!

Remain encouraged.






  1. Aside being encouraged, I also see a fast rising writer.

    Your word composure were articulate, too well articulate for a first trial. I give it to you, Temmy Bandy.

    Now, you don’t have to stop writing, just start honing your craft…

    My amiable Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola, thanks for sharing with us. We love you…!

  2. Hmm.
    .great stuff dear! God is a Faithful father. This encouraged me too! I look forward to sharing my own testimonies also.
    More testimonies coming your way dearie. Keep holding the fort!

  3. Lovely write-up ma. Would appreciate it if you can include the reblog button in your postsLovely write-up ma. Would appreciate it if you can include the reblog button in your posts.

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