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From a very far distance, I could hear a faint sound. I stirred.




I felt hot from inside of me and I shook, gnashing my teeth against one another. I felt a very cold towel-like stuff travelling all over my forehead. And then my hand. And then my neck.





Am I sick?





Then I heard my husband’s voice indistinctly- he was speaking in tongues.






What is happening?




I racked my brain, trying to remember all that had transpired but I couldn’t.




‘Do I have amnesia now?’ I asked myself.




I heard the sound of water being squeezed in a bowl and then, the cold towel-like stuff running over my body resumed.





‘My temperature is high?’ I thought to myself again. ‘What happened? Did I faint?’







Suddenly, the events of the day started splashing back into my memory.




The ruffled hair, dirty legs and sad, teary smile of Mo.




The call from Pastor Mensah.




The ‘Do I have HIV?’ question of Mo.




I opened my heavy eyes at once and sat up. As I did, my head ached badly. I burst into tears as my blurry eyes couldn’t even behold anything clearly.







As I wept, my husband pulled me close into an embrace and rocked me for a while.




“I am so sorry. I am sorry for causing everyone pains. I am so sorry for ruining everyone’s lives” I wept sorrowfully. I couldn’t even imagine myself looking into my husband’s face or facing my children. I had caused them more harm than good.





“You had a terrible dream, huh?” He asked and I swallowed instantly as I pulled away from the embrace and looked into his eyes. My eyes still ached but it had become much better.






“Dream? How?”




“No. You know, we were both listening to Pastor Mensah’s message when you suddenly fell asleep, sitting down. You started shaking and became feverish that I had to start mopping your body with cold water. I was so scared”





“Ehn!” I exclaimed loudly as I sat up. “From where did the dream begin?” I asked incoherently. When I realized that my husband was confused, I swallowed and tried so hard to be less anxious. “Where is Mo, sweetheart? She hasn’t been gangraped?”





“God forbid! Gang what? You asked her to go get your eggs from the supplier. She is not back” He said and my eyes widened.





“Do you know if Dada went with her?”





“Yes, I think so” He said and I jumped down from the bed, slid my feet into my slippers, wrapped a muffler round my neck and jumped out of the room.




I couldn’t even wait to hear whatever my husband was saying.





“Mola! Mola, where are you?” I called out but I didn’t hear her voice. I looked at the table where the crates of eggs were in the vision- THE EGGS WERE THERE!




My heart started thumping hard as I started praying.





“I have been a foolish woman Lord. Have mercy on me!”




“I have used my own hands to bring a bad guy into our home, Savior, have mercy upon me. Forgive me Lord. Forgive me” I kept muttering as I ran to check all the rooms in the house. I found no one in the house- NO ONE!





“Ah! Oluwa mi, have mercy upon me! This girl is innocent! This girl has no sin oooo” I started crying as I jumped out of the gate and started running towards the estate gate.




“Ah! I should have brought my phone with me o. How do I call Mola now?” I spoke with myself as I ran across the estate.




“Mama, good evening o” Mr. Sada, our neighbor greeted me as I ran and I nodded. I paused suddenly, panting as I did.






“Evening Mr. Sada. Please have you found Mo?” I asked and he stood thoughtfully.




“Yes, I saw her going to the gate with a guy” He paused and gave me a weird smile. “Is that her bobo?” He asked, his hands on his waist.




I frowned, shook my head angrily, hissed and resumed my running towards the estate gate.





“Father, keep my daughter. Savior, please keep my baby” I muttered as I ran. “I do not deserve it; all I ask for is mercy lord. Mercy”






Suddenly, a scene in the vision flashed into my head and I paused immediately.




“He took me to an open field and messed me up…”





Mo’s voice rang in my head and I nodded.





‘The estate field!’ I said, turned back and started running towards the open field in the estate.





As I kept running, Pastor Mensah’s voice rung on in my head severally, tears rushing to my eyes.





“One is based on revenge and one is based on deceit! Revenge Marriage and Deceit marriage!”





“Ah! Dada is revengeful and deceitful, right? He wants to revenge because my daughters ushered him out of our house. Ahhhh…Father ooo!” I wiped off the tears as they fell so that no one would stop to ask me if anything was wrong.





“So, coming to our house, dining and joking with us was all deceit? He wants to deceive us to get Mo! Ah! I was blind o. Lord, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. Have mercy upon me oh Lord. Please”





“Singles nowadays do not know this. Parents especially mothers are oblivious of this as well! They will push their wards till they find someone, just anyone to get married to because they want to see their grandchildren and that’s all. Marriage is more than that!”




I ran on, tears beclouding my eyes.





“God, have mercy on me. Please have mercy on me” I wept as I continued running.




When I reached the open field, I couldn’t decipher what area they had taken my daughter to. I stood still, wiped my tears so I could see clearly and scanned the whole field.





I was standing close to a long wall which rounded the whole field and I just couldn’t see anything or hear anything.




‘Oh my God!’ I muttered, beating my laps anxiously.





“Open my eyes to see Lord. Open my ears to hear Father” I prayed; my palms really sweaty.




Just then, I heard someone mumble behind the wall. I listened careful and heard the shuttle of a camera.




“Chai! Mummy can spoil show ehn!” I heard Mola’s voice and I didn’t know if I should rejoice or start getting scared.





What is she doing here complaining about me spoiling show?




I started walking round the wall, carefully and as silently as I could. There was my daughter lying on the floor with her phone raised with her two hands.




I started tiptoeing to her side, looking at what she was doing- she was recording someone who was being slapped hard. I heard a loud cry and tried to look at who it was.









I was about screaming when Mola faced me, shook her head and signaled for me to keep quiet. She whispered that I lie beside her on the ground and I frowned slightly.




“They will kill her o” She whispered and tears formed in my eyes as I lay on the ground.





“Who is there?” We heard Dada’s voice and I shivered. The voice sounded so deeper than I had ever heard. He was holding a bottle of alcoholic drink, I guessed and I almost started urinating on myself again.




“Mola, can you…” I was asking when she quickly covered my mouth and held down my neck with her elbow. She kept on recording. I moaned silently but she wouldn’t let me go.




Mum, please can you behave? I need to get all these actions on camera. Do you love Mo like I do? Why are you doing like this? If we are caught here, we don’t know what this guy can do to us all. Please mum, cooperate. My boys will soon be here





She quickly typed on her phone so I could read and I nodded severally in understanding.







“But why did you say I can spoil show?” I asked and she shook her head, typing on her phone as she did.





“Mummy! We are in a hideout for crying out loud! Your whisper can implicate all of us and we are unarmed. My gun is not here with me. I thought you were the one calling my phone as I recorded, that was why I said you can spoil show. Maybe daddy is the one calling me with your phone then. I have switched off my sim cards now anyway.”





I nodded severally and then she withdrew her hand from my neck and recorded on. It was that day I knew how dangerous the job my daughter Mola was doing as a police superintendent. My neck hurt so badly.





I looked towards where Mo was and cold shivers ran through my spine. Her mouth had been tied and her limbs were all tied down too.




“Who do you think you are?” Dada roared and started laughing. Another guy walked to his side too, holding a staff.




“Let us do what we will do and go my guy.” He said and I started words of prayer to God.




“Wait guy. This girl needs to be trained. Who do you think you are? Because I called you beautiful, you think you can run your mouth anyhow at me?” Dada asked again and laughed.




“She is beautiful o. Wetin be your name again sef?” Another guy asked. He was seated on a chair behind Mo.





There was no response.




He kicked her on the head almost immediately and Mo let out a painful shrill, breaking into tears as she did. My inside froze at that point.




“Answer me. Talk. Wetin be your name?” The guy repeated and Dada bent beside her.




“The beautiful damsel has something covering her mouth na. Please take things easy with her abeg” Dada said as he removed the fold covering her mouth.




Mo burst out into tears as the fold was removed.





“Why are you people doing this to me? Why?” She wept on and tears started falling down my own eyes too.





“Do you know what I hate most about you?” Dada asked, holding her face in his hands. “The way you pour down English as if you are the Queen of England” He said and left her face, making her fall, her head hitting the ground.





“Holy Spirit, have mercy on me. Holy Spirit have mercy” Mo wept.





“Leave Daddy Holy Spirit my sister. Was it the Holy Spirit that made you talk anyhow to me the day I came to your house? You think I love you? I never did! Your mum forced me to come over! She forced me to come close to you!” He said and I cringed.






“Lord, have mercy!” I cried, covering my face with both palms. Mola eyed me, still holding her phone.




“Should I remind of some things you said to me the day I visited you?” He asked and Mo didn’t reply.




“My brother, thanks for coming but let me tell you something so you get it clear. I am not led to you! I don’t know what my mum has told you or whatever but should I tell you? I am not and cannot be interested in you.”




The three guys laughed together as he mimicked my girl.




“Foolish guy! You sabi mimic fine voice sha” One of the guys said.




“What do you want from me?” Mo asked and I wished she had kept quite because almost immediately one of the guys stepped heavily on her tummy with anger. She shrieked out of pain that the whole thing was too personal for me. I was about jumping up when Mola pinned me down again.





“Guy, stop dirtying our fine princess na. This is our food for this evening and it has to be very presentable, don’t you think?” Dada said again, wiping the dust off Mo.




“Food? What do you mean?” Mo groaned and another guy raised a staff trying to hit her when Dada stopped it.




“You talk too much! Keep quiet! What is it with you? Who are you and what are you talking about? Can’t you see death here? Why do you have no regard whatsoever for anything or any man? These guys are ready to kill you and dump you and your death will never be traceable. Can’t you keep quiet for once!” Dada roared.




“I am sorry” Mo groaned and my heart kept dropping. I was so sorrowful that I couldn’t control my tears.




“Thanks for saying sorry.” Dada said and pecked Mo on her forehead. She used her head to push him away sharply out of anger.




“Don’t you ever touch me with your filthy, smelling mouth!” Mo screamed at him angrily and the guys laughed again.




“Can you see that you are insulting me, Mo? Jesus girls don’t do like that. And you are even here calling Holy Spirit. Stop that!” Dada said, running his finger over her nose.




“What do you want from me?” Mo screamed again and I let out a very frustrated sigh.




‘When did Mo become a talkative, Lord? When? Can’t she keep quiet?’ I muttered to myself, shaking very coldly from within.





“I want something precious from you. Will you give my guys and I so that I will let you go?” Dada asked and Mo tried to sit up, supporting herself with her palms.








“Your body. Your fine, curvy, sexy body” He said and was about running his hand over her body when she screamed loudly.





“Holy Ghost Fire! Consume them in the Name of Jesus” She screamed and the guys laughed hysterically, beating themselves in such great ecstasy.





“This girl funny die!” One of them exclaimed.





“Mo, stop making my guys laugh like this na. When did you become a comedian?” Dada asked and she shook her head.





“You guys are trying to rape me? You think it is going to be possible? I have a God who is…” She continued when Dada himself slapped her heavily so that she fell down flat.





“I want you to keep quiet! Mo, have you forgotten all you said to me when I came to your house?”





“Dada Ariyo, thanks for coming. You can leave now”




“Can you remember saying that to me? You called me Dada Ariyo! There was no form of respect for me at all. What do you take me for? I am a worthless guy? Because I was simply obeying your mum who was ready to give me a fair girl for free? You are very crazy”




“So, you are not who everyone thinks you are? Everyone, including my innocent mum thinks you are a cool guy, saved and righteous. Is that all a lie?” She asked and the two guys laughed again as Dada sat beside her.





“I was saved and righteous when I met a beautiful girl like you during my service year. Saved and righteous, this holy sister became my prayer partner. Saved and righteous, she pushed me to bed and slept with me. Yes. The saved and righteous beautiful girl did not tell me, the saved and righteous guy that she had a disease. That she had a terminal disease….” He said and the hair on my body stood straight.




“You committed fornication and contracted a disease?” Mo asked.





“Yes! That is the summary of my long talk. And you know what beautiful girl?” He said, holding her chin. She pushed him away.





“What? Leave me alone! Don’t touch me!”





“You look so much like that girl! You talk like her, you are beautiful like her, you are rude like her, you are disrespectful like her! You are like a snake like her! I hate her, I hate you, I hate everything in skirt and I will destroy as many of you as can fall into my hands!” He roared so deeply that the whole field echoed.




I was literally weeping as he spoke but Mola wouldn’t let me go. She held my waist down with one of her legs and continued recording the whole incident on her phone.





“You told me that I am so rude and that I would need to leave your house at that instant. Was I the one that brought myself to your house? Was it not your mum that invited me to come throw my shot at you? Why would you tell me to….”





“I am so sorry. I am seriously so sorry that I was rude and disrespectful. Please forgive me sir. Please forgive me, I beg you”





“Great! It is nice to see you beg and by God’s Grace, I have forgiven you.” He said as he dropped down his trouser suddenly, leaving his boxer on him. Mo screamed.





“You have never seen a guy like this before, right? You are a virgin, right?” He snickered. “Don’t worry my sweet girl. I will show you what it means for a sweet guy with HIV to sleep with you”




“No way!” Mo screamed and started speaking in tongues, crying loudly as she did. I was totally broken where I lay. I couldn’t believe that I had brought down woes upon my whole family. I could believe that I was such a bad influence. I was only trying to help but it was obvious that I should not have tried to help God because I was just a mere human being with limited sight, understanding, knowledge and hearing.




Looking into Mola’s face, I wept seriously but Mola kept smiling on. She looked so excited. I didn’t know if I was doing a good thing listening to her or if I was supposed to face those guys and ask them to stop.




“But tell your mother that she made a mistake making me step into this house because when I have set my eyes on a thing to have it, I must have it!’




“Can you remember me saying that too? I have set my eyes on you and it is magnetic. You keep pulling me to you. Mopelola, you are really complete in all ramifications and I want to enjoy you. I want to give you a sexy gift. Allow me”







“Gift? What sort of a gift is that?” Mo asked, irritation very obvious in her voice.




“If you have anyone in Ghana, they will tell you that I gifted fine girls like you with this same virus. I won’t go down alone!” He said painful, burying his face in his palms all of a sudden.





“My mum is sorry. I am so sorry. I will do anything you ask me to do but please don’t sleep with me” Mo started to cry.





“I am not sleeping with you baby girl, you thought I was? No! I am only trying to sleep on you! I will sleep on you and allow my guys too to sleep on you. I planned eight other guys but since you’ve asked for forgiveness, just the three of us will do and go”





“But, I will not…” Mo was saying when he pushed her down.





“You have made me talk too much, girl! Just allow me!” Dada said and kept pushing her down. I watched as my girl struggled hard. With her head, Mo fought while the other guys beat her.




I watched as the filthy guy placed his lips on her lips and I pushed Mola away angrily.




How on earth!




What happened in my dream was happening so fast before my very eyes that I could not stand still.




As I tried to stand, Mola stepped on my feet so hard that I fell back to the ground, groaning in pain.





“You are the reason we are here mum. Do you want the issue to be more complicated than it is?” She whispered, looking back as if she was expecting someone to come.





“Nigerian policemen are not reliable. We have been here for almost an hour, when would they come?” I asked and she suddenly pushed down my head.




“Mummy I am sorry but please just be quiet. You are her mum but please don’t be too emotional now. My guys will soon be here” Mola said, sounding quite scared.





“Let him rape me. That is better. I will give myself to him to…” I was saying when she shook her head and hit my side with her elbow again. The pain was too excruciating that I didn’t know when I let out a loud moan.




“Who is there?” One of the guys roared. Mola quickly hid her phone and pulled me close to herself. She held me down so flatly, breathing hard as she did.  I was totally gone too.




I wouldn’t have thought that I would be in that kind of situation. Never!




“E be like say….” One of the guys said, walking close to us.




“Lay flat and act dead mum! Act dead!” Mola whispered and she suddenly lay on her chest, looking so dead. I followed suit but I wasn’t sure what to do since my heart was going to burst. The guy bent beside us to smell us.




“Jesus, hide us! Hide us!” I prayed silently.





“E be like say these ladies don die…” He was reporting when almost immediately, I heard Mo’s voice.





“Dada, you don’t know who you are dealing with, do you? You and your guys are not equal to the task at all!” She blurted out. The guy that was close to us used his staff to turn us here and there, hissed and walked back to his guys.




“We will show you how equal to the task we are” Dada said and started pulling her gown up. She started laughing.







Some people will be in trouble today

Eh eh

Trouble trouble today

Some people wan carry sontin

Eh eh

Trouble dey come



Mo started singing and well, the guys started raining blows on her face while Dada kept fumbling with her pant.




“What other threat will you give us that is bigger than HIV?”




“I bring the threat of the Name of Jesus to you! The Name that is above every other Name! The Name that can never be put to shame! That is the biggest threat I bring to you!” She said and suddenly burst out singing.




He’s never failed me yet!

He’d never fail

He’s never failed me yet!





“He that touches me touches the apple of God’s eyes! The Bible says when the enemies shall arise like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against them. That standard is still there today and in the Name that is above every other name. The Name that I have sworn with never to allow anyone see my nakedness until my wedding, that Name will never fail! That Name will never fail! I come against you in that Name today!” She wept even as Dada tried to pull her pant down.




Suddenly, Mo broke free, she pushed Dada off her and forcefully broke off the bands holding her hands and legs. She picked up a chair and started swinging it around.








“I will wound you! I will kill you!” Dada bellowed angrily, throwing his fists up.





“You don’t know who you are up against, do you? I am the daughter of the Most High…” She was saying, running away with Dada following her close when about twenty uniformed, armed policemen jumped into the scene, shooting into the sky at once.




“Hands up everybody” One of them commanded. Dada stood still, looking so shocked. He scratched his head and started looking for his trouser.




Mola started laughing on the ground that she was. She picked up her phone again and resumed recording.






As Dada tried to abscond, one of the policemen aimed his gun at him and shot his right leg. He fell flat, groaning loudly in pain.




As one of the two other guys brought out a knife to stab a policeman, another policeman grabbed a gun and shot him in the leg too. He fell down flat and the knife which fell from his hand wounded his chin. He screamed.




The policemen rounded up the three of them, placed some handcuffs in their hands and started to lead them all away.




“Dada, you see? If you had allowed us do what we came here to do, we would….Ahhhhh!” The shot guy was saying and suddenly screamed immediately a police staff hit him on the neck.






“I am not saying you should not take me away but let me do what I want to do with this girl. Leave me alone! I must do it! I must give her a gift for her rudeness” Dada screamed, struggling with the policemen who hit him on the neck.




“Stop talking! All you say will be used against you at the law court!” Another policeman screamed at him.




“So, you ladies were not dead. You were actually spying on us?” The third guy said and Mola jumped up and started laughing, still recording.




“Just go away boy! Go away!” Mola said, slapping the guy on his back.




“Ma!” A policeman came to us and saluted. Mola waved at him.





“My guy! But you people came too late” Mola said and the policeman saluted again.




“The van broke down on the way, sir!” He saluted her and she nodded.




“Don’t worry, I had fun lying there and doing my business” She laughed and started dancing with her phone still recording, following after the men.




As the policeman helped me up, my husband pulled up at the field with his car. He looked all shocked as he alighted his car and ran to my side.




“I have looked everywhere for you, dear!” He said, looking so worried as he pulled me into a warm embrace. I started weeping.






“I am so sorry for putting everyone in such a deep mess. I am so sorry.” I said and he patted my back repeatedly.




“Mister Dada the holy brother! Awon Choir master! Awon Pastor’s son” Mola started to mock, putting the camera in his face.




“This was the guy that broke out of jail last year, sir. Dada Ariyo. He is a serial rapist. He is wanted in Ghana, the USA and South Africa. He was caught two years ago but he broke out of jail last year” A policeman reported to Mola. I shook from head to toe at the revelation of who my Dada was!




“I know from the look in your eyes that you are evil! I just knew it! You can’t see fine shape like this and carry your eyes away. Holiness unto the Lord brother” Mola screamed into the camera again, laughing hard.




They pushed the struggling guys in the police van and locked the doors.




“I gat my eyes on you!” Dada groaned in pain and Mola laughed as she faced another policeman.




“Amodu, I will send the video to you via mail. Let me cover my sister’s face and do all the necessary editing, then I will send to you” Mola said authoritatively. I smiled. I didn’t know that my girl had such power.




“Ok sir!” The Amodu responded respectfully.




“My parents can form holy holy and decide not to press charges against this monster but I am going to make sure he rots in jail for sexual assault. I will serve him the notice soon” She added.





“Yes sir”




As they led them away in the police convoy that they had come with, Dada broke down into a fit of terrible laughter that shook the whole vehicle as they left.




“Nonsense! The way I will make sure this guy is dealt with ehn, na im HIV go kill am!” Mola said as she started running towards Mo who had already been led to my husband’s car.




“I can’t face Mo. I can never face that girl again” I started weeping and my husband started patting me, pecking my forehead severally as he did.




“Mum. Thanks for coming.” I suddenly heard Mo’s voice and I turned quickly to look into her face. I didn’t know she had appeared before me.






I went down on my knees immediately, holding on to her feet for a long time.




“I deserve to be hated Mo. Please hate me. I am so sorry”




“Hate you?” She smiled briefly. “Never! Immediately they said two ladies were around, I knew it was you and my Mola. That gave me the boldness to speak out. That made me so strong! Thanks for coming. Thank you” Mo started crying too.





“Wow! That was intelligent of you! I was thinking that you were being too outrageous. I felt it was too dangerous for you” I said, wiping the streaming tears on my face.




“God strengthened me suddenly and even though he was still fumbling with my dress, his hands began to relax and weaken. Ah, Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord! Thanks for coming” She said and ran into my arms, hugging me tightly.




Mola cleared her throat all of a sudden.





“You won’t thank me abi?” Mola asked, her nose raised. “Don’t you know how I knew that you were here?” She queried.




“I knew it! I knew that you would be by me! You are a life saver! You are just…”





“Don’t hail me joor”




“I am so sorry” Mo said and picked up her hands. “Tell me how you knew that I would be here”




“I tracked your phone before you left. Yes. I suspected the guy, so I had to share your location with myself before you left.” She said and we all looked so shocked.




“Are you serious!” Mo exclaimed. “You are so intelligent!” She said and Mola waved her hand in the air like a princess that was feeling herself.




“So, I kept monitoring your location. I saw you come back to the gate and I suddenly saw you going elsewhere. I had to start tracing you guys till I got here” She said and Mo hugged her.




“What would I have done in my entire life without you my wonderful prophetess? You warned me so severally but I was disobedient” She said as the hug became tighter.




“Who is your prophetess?” Mola started laughing. “I really enjoyed my day, huh! I knew I could do the work of a detective but they said I should remain in the office as a superintendent. Chai! I should go to crime scenes more. I feel so fulfilled” She said so happily, throwing her arms in the sky.




“God, be praised. Oh God be praised” My husband started waving.




“Thanks everybody. Thanks.” She said severally, still holding on to Mola. I stood up from my kneeling position.




“Please let us take Mo to the hospital this instant. She is looking so wounded that I can’t even contain my sorrow” I broke down in tears again.




“Mum, I have never been so shaken in my life. Yet, I have never been so grateful in my life! I was scared! I thought it was all over! But God used my family for me! Family is everything!” Mo started crying all over.





“But mum, how did you know that we were here?” Mola asked and tears rolled down my face as I looked up into the sky as if I could see God and shout out songs of gratitude to Him.




“Ah! Thank God! It was just God! I had a vision and…” I was saying when a movement behind us stopped me.




“Mo!” We suddenly heard a voice behind us. Mo disengaged from her twin almost immediately.




“Emmy!” She said excitedly as she turned to look at side where the sound was coming from.




“Oh Mo, are you alright? Oh my God. Mo!” Emmy exclaimed as he ran towards us looking so worried as ever. Mo started jumping up, crying like a baby as the latter ran towards us.




The look on her face and the desperation in Emmy’s voice as he ran towards us beat me hands down!




As Mo jumped up and wept with joy, she started to fall back all of a sudden. Mola quickly knelt to hold her from hitting her head.




“Mooooo!” My husband, Emmy and I screamed all of a sudden as Mo’s two hands fell weakly apart, her eyes shut loosely and her head drooled backwards.















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  1. Wow!
    Thank God for the revelations and intervention.
    More anointing and inspiration, Lizzy

    1. Oh…so it was all a dream. Thank God o! To think i spent two days ‘mourning’ n thinking about the turn of event in MOs life. But wait o, where did the dream begin from self. I guess I av to go back to the beginning.

      Love your fiction!
      May your source of inspiration never run dry ma. Amen.

      But pls help reduce the suspense o. Anticipation won kill person o.
      God bless you sis!

  2. Haa, wetin, I was discouraged, confused wondering how could God have allowed this to happen to His child, I also wondered how she could ignore Pastor Mensah’s warning, but thank God, He has used the situation to arrest the beast. Weldon sis, you are doing a great job. Thank you. More inspiration in Jesus name. Amen.

  3. What a wonderful God we serve! Revealer of all secrets. He will never leave or forsake his own.

  4. Your stories are always positive and helps to trust God more. Your stories make me understand that God will never forget his own, he will never fail.
    God bless you ma.
    I love you!!!!!

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  7. When He (God) seems to be late in the eyes of humans, He’s actually on Time.
    The suspense can cause someone high bp though. I pray for more inspiration from from the throne of grace upon you like the dew of Hermon in Jesus name, Amen

  8. Hmm…. God is still on time, no matter the situation, he comes through when we think all hope is gone.

    Well done Mama Lizzy👏👏, the suspense no be here oo.. chai! I was almost jumping off my seat, it felt so real🤔🤔

    Thanks for including those prayer points and Bible verses, they are really powerful and great👌👌

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    Us a I was very furious too…I was soo just that more is raped…hihihihi…thank God it i was all an answer to mama Mo’s prayers.

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    To be sincere, God used your story to correct some areas in my life and helped me in remembering a friend having same issue with Mo.

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    More anointing and grace.

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  11. Thank you so much for this story. God is indeed great. I was getting disappointed, until I saw how God turned things around. I’m so blessed. God bless you ma. I pray that God give you great wisdom and inspirations. I love you Mrs.Yaks

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    Oh Lord my God!!!
    Help us ooo, we are blind ooo
    More inspiration in your heart Mrs Yaks….
    I don’t know you but I LOVE LOVE YOU!!!

  13. I actually stopped reading for a long time after the last chapter, trying to strengthen my heart and prepare for the worst. But glory to God and shame to the devil…I’m so glad it was just a dream. I was already devastated, but glory to God who works in mysterious ways.
    Thank you ma for this chapter. God bless you richly.

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