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I couldn’t take my eyes off Emmy as he ran helter-skelter to ensure Mo was given the best medical care.




Immediately he drove into the park, he respectfully told us to bring Mo in while he quickly made arrangements for medical attention and that was what we did.




Almost immediately, a stretcher was sent to enable us carry her inside; she was admitted immediately in one of the ensuite wards and it was almost immediately also that a medical doctor came in to attend to her qualitatively.









Emmy accompanied a lab scientist to the ward to take Mo’s blood sample and I watched as his mouth moved prayerfully; as his eyes travelled to the mouth of the doctor as he spoke. He looked so concerned- too concerned even than I was!




“So, doctor, is there is any cause for alarm?” He asked after the intravenous lines have been set on Mo’s wrist.





“No.” The doctor smiled. “She is in shock right now but after some time, she will come out of it” He added and Emmy literally sighed.





“Thank you so much doctor. Thank you” He said, peeping at Mo who lay beautifully peaceful in bed.





“She wasn’t touched in any way; she wasn’t wounded in anyway too.” The doctor told Emmy after realizing he still looked worried. “I guess after those people rough handled her, she stood up right away instead of sitting down and calming herself. That gave her body a very bad impact. The shock was too much but she is getting out of it already.” The doctor added.





“I am particularly grateful to God for that. I was so shocked, you know. I saw her jump when she saw me and suddenly, she slumped.”





“Jumped? No wonder! She didn’t need it at that point. Anyways, she will be fine. When she wakes up, the reality of the near rape experience might dawn on her so she might have some depression bouts but she will be fine. I will recommend some drugs now” The doctor said and Emmy shook his head gratefully.




“I cannot thank you enough Doctor Odara. God bless you”




“And you too my brother. I will come check up on her later” The doctor said, bowed slightly before us and walked out of the ward.




Mola discussed briefly with Emmy beside Mo’s bed while I quickly prepared pap at the kitchenette. My husband lay on the couch, studying his Bible and praying.





Soon, I saw Emmy heading out and I quickly jumped out of the kitchenette.





“Is he leaving?” I asked Mola.










“Why? He won’t wait till Mo is fully awake?”





“You will allow that? That won’t be inconveniencing?” Mola asked sarcastically.





I knew better than to keep up the discussion with her. I jumped out of the ward and ran towards the direction of the park where I guessed he must have turned to.





“Emmy!” I called after him but he couldn’t hear me. Just then, I saw him genuflect before an elderly man, his head bowed. The man seemed to be scolding him. He remained silent.




I moved closer to hear what it was.




“How is she, now?”




“She’s getting better sir”




“Didn’t I ask you not to leave home?”




“You did sir”




“So, why did you?”




“I couldn’t bear to hear such news about the one I love and not take action”




“I have told you to heal! Heal fast! You keep saying you won’t return to Germany until she says ‘Yes’ to you right? But it’s been how many months now? Has she given you that ‘yes’? Wake up!”




“I am sorry sir!”




“Of course, you should be! It was my doctor that called now saying you were here. I had to rush down immediately. Warn yourself! You want to be heartbroken again?”




“I am sorry sir”




“Any day I see you close to their house again, I will personally call my sister and tell her all you’ve been doing here in Nigeria, wasting away and dying due to heart break! I will then drug you, bundle you up and send you back to Germany”




“I am sorry sir”




“Get into the car and let’s go” He said and as Emmy was about entering, I double crossed then and genuflected briefly.




“Mum!” Emmy said, quite shocked.




“And who are you madam?”




“I am the mother of Mo, Emmy’s friend”




“Okay, how can we help you?” He asked and suddenly paused as if he remembered something. “You were the one that chased him out of your house and heaped loads of curses upon him, right?”




I sighed and fumbled with my fingernails almost immediately.




“That is why I am here sir. I want to say that I am…” I was saying when he raised his hand to keep me quiet.




“I am a man of busy schedule. If you have anything to say to me, you should come to my house to discuss it with me. Have a great day ahead, madam!” He said and entered into his car.




Emmy bowed briefly at me, entered the car, shut the door and the driver zoomed off from before my face.




I had never been sadder and more disappointed at myself in my entire life.




“That is my daughter’s husband! He is the one! He has proven to be the one! He is the one!” I muttered as I walked back to the ward.




“I chased him away! I chased him away! Lord, I am so sorry. Forgive me. What do I do now? What do I do?”




“…If you have anything to say to me, you should come to my house to discuss it with me…”




His words returned back to my ears and my eyes widened with joy.




“We will go to their house! We will! Lord, we will” I marched with a new kind of enthusiasm into the ward, asking continuously for mercy. God’s own mercy!



I entered the ward and saw Mo seated already on the bed, reading the Christian novel I had placed beside her head.




“Mola!” She called out as I entered and I smiled. I was so happy to see her up, hale and hearty. I walked to her side and hugged her so tightly.




“How do you feel?” I asked and she threw up her hands gladly.




“I feel so better.” She replied and just them, Mum and daddy came in. She greeted them briefly and kept looking at the door side as if expecting to see someone.




“Where are you all coming from?” She asked after some time.




“The cafeteria” Mum said, coming beside her and pecking her forehead severally.




“So, where is the last person? Why is it just the three of you?” She asked and mum let go of her hands slowly, wearing a sad look immediately.




“Mum is here, daddy is here and I am here for you baby. Who else is it?” I asked, feigning ignorance.




“Where is Emmy? Wasn’t it him that brought me here? Where is he?” Tears had started gathering in her eyes.




Dad settled in a chair with a sigh, I wore a long face too and mum picked up Mo’s hand again.




“He has left” She said, quietly.




“How many minutes ago did he leave?” She asked.




“It’s been two days that you’ve been here. Emmy left since yesterday” Daddy said and Mo’s lips trembled.




“Why? Why did he go?” She asked in a shaky voice and faced mum thereafter. “Did you chase him away again? Did you…”




“No, I didn’t! Mo, I want you to be calm so that you won’t be sick” Mum said and she shook her head.





“I am so sick! I have been sick since a long time now without you knowing. Why are you treating me like this? Why, mum? You say you love me but you have hurt me the most in my entire….”




“Mo!” Daddy interjected. Mo paused but resumed almost immediately.




“Mum, the other day Emmy came to our house, is it possible to remember what you said to him exactly? I desire to know! I wish to know! what grave words did you exactly say to him? I want to know if he could be justified for neglecting me this way.” Mo asked again and mum bent her head.




“I regret my words that day”




“I still want to hear them, ma’am” She said formally and mum stood up and walked to the window. She looked so sad.




“I will tell you.” She said.




“I don’t like you! You are a good boy, you are funny, you are handsome, I can see you know the Scriptures, you love my daughter, thank you! You have a manageable job, glory to God but I don’t like you! Not for my daughter”




“Hmmm! If a girl’s mother doesn’t love the guy she loves, what would the person still be doing with the girl? Hmmmm….okay o. I am listening ma” Mo sighed severally.




“Also, I hate Igbos generally! I hate everything about that tribe. All they know is money. They won’t take care of one’s daughter.”




“Chai! Since my family can’t accept him for who he is, why still stay around? No wonder!” Mo said, sniffing wetly. “Tell me more”




“Leave my daughter alone! Is it by force? Leave my family alone! Our family has been in peace before your coming. You came and like a bad omen, you disrupted out peace and are about stealing our joy”




“Ah!!! Jesus Christ! No sensible person would want to know that he is the cause of a family problem and stay! Bad omen? Joy stealer? Peace disrupter? Ah! Those were too heavy!” Mo broke down in tears. I rubbed her legs but it didn’t seem to work.




“I think we should stop already. This is becoming too…” Dad was trying to say when mum and Mo interrupted.




“No!” They both said together.




“I want to say more. It feels like I am confessing my sins. It feels like restitution to me. Let me say it all” Mum said, tears on her face.




“Yes! I want to hear everything! I want to know all that transpired” Mo cried. Daddy sighed and started walking to the door. He opened and moved out, closing the door gently behind him.




“That is a million naira that I borrowed from the cooperative society. Please go back to your Germany and leave my daughter alone”




At this point, my eyes widened so much so that it seemed they would fall out of their sockets.




“One-million-naira mum! You were that desperate?” I screamed and Mo burst out crying loudly.




“No wonder! No wonder! I kept wondering what it was that you said that chased him that far away! I never would have thought that you even tried to pay him off! Wow!” Mo exclaimed as mum too wept.




“…boy, if I ever see you around my daughter, no, if you ever call, text or keep in touch with my daughter Mopelola or her sister Mosunmola or you come near this place, the Holy Ghost Fire will burn you to ashes! Destiny destroyers, Holy Ghost fire burn you!”




“Mummy!!!” I screamed. Mo shook her head, a woeful smile on her face.




“Ah! Ah! Ah!” She cried.




“If you do anything like that, you will die young! Your parents will mourn you! You will amount to nothing in this…”




“Ahhhhh, mummy! That was too much! Whaaaat! If someone said this to any of us, would you allow us even see that person again talk less of talking about marriage? I am shocked!” I said loudly.





Mum broke down into louder cries but Mo wasn’t done.




“What else did you say? What?” Mo asked and mum wiped her eyes a bit.




“May we never meet again!”




“Kai! Mummy!” I exclaimed, really shocked. When she told Mo that she had cursed him or chased him off, we didn’t think she had said many hurtful things to him.




“Wow! It is obvious that we are done! Emmy and I are done! Wow!” Mo wept profusely and mum wailed too.




“I am so sorry. I am so sorry” Mum wept.




“Sorry? There’s no need to be o.” Mo said and laughed weirdly. She sighed and wiped her face intermittently. She started clapping.




“Well done mummy! I really congratulate you for having by your side a best friend forever! Don’t worry, nothing will ever separate you and I! Nada! I will always be a spinster till I die. Marriage? That’s obviously not for everybody. So, thanks for making me your housemate, your best friend forever” She said and started weeping profusely.




I bowed my head and really wished there was a chance for me to tell them that despite it all, Emmy still loved Mo. That no matter what it was, he still cared but they were too busy weeping and wailing that I couldn’t utter a word.




My husband honked for the umpteenth time.




“I am coming o” I shouted from upstairs. I checked my autogele in the mirror, went down on my knees to mutter some words of prayer and jumped out of our room.




Mola was in the dining room taking her early morning warm lemon drink. When she saw me, she squinted. I smiled as I saw her eyes travel down my cloth.




“Ah ah! What’s up with you and daddy? Why are you wearing your bests today? Is it your daughter’s engagement ni?” She teased and I laughed, ‘catwalking’ towards the door.




“Wo, we shall be back soon. My husband has been honking for about thirty minutes now” I said as I hurried out.




“Buy us shawarma when you are coming back o” She said after me.




“Okay. Take care of your sister o. Make sure she eats.” I shouted loudly too so she could hear.




“Sure!” I heard her voice faintly as I entered the car.




“Chai! Women! Women! Women! How many times did I call you?” He asked.




“You called women thrice, oko mi” I said and we started laughing.




“And you are not women? You are more than a woman you know? You are three women in one” My husband joked but I frowned. He burst out laughing.




“Dry joke, huh?” He asked and I nodded.




“Very dry” I said and pulled down the mirror so I could check out my face.




“How do I look?” I asked and he shook his head.




“You obviously know how you look na, dear. Everyone tells you, the mirror tells you” He said and I blushed.




“Yeah, I know, right. But what you tell me is more ‘importanter’, you know?” I joked and he burst out laughing.




He pulled me close and placed a peck on my forehead. He smiled afterwards.




“You look so beautifully gorgeous as ever!”




I covered my face like a new bride and started dancing to no music.




“Shall we?” He asked and I shook my head.




“Let’s pray first”




“Okay. Pray for us” He said and I nodded.




“Father thank You for today. We glorify You for an opportunity to be alive. Thank You for forgiving our past mistakes. And thank You Lord for Your mercies we daily enjoy. Accept our thanks oh Lord Jesus”








“Father, we want to go and make our ways right, please grant us favor. Cover us with love and grace Lord so that when Emmy’s family see us, they will love us and be at peace with us”








“We are going out now, very happy. We will come back home even happier in the name of Jesus”








“Pray for us Holy Spirit”








“For we have prayed in Jesus Name”








“Praise the Lord”








My husband started the car and turned to look into my face.




“Do you know where they live?” He asked and I paused, my mouth becoming suspended all of a sudden.




“I seriously don’t know” I said and my husband frowned slightly.




“So, where are we going to right now?” He asked, looking into my face unbelievably.




“I sincerely do not know. Chai! Oh my God! What was I thinking?” I raised my hand to support my throbbing forehead and hinged my elbow on the car window. I felt so foolish.




“I am so surprised right now.” My husband started and I knew I was in for it already. “So, you don’t know where we were going to, you simply started planning, we bathed, we have not even eaten, we are dressed elegantly. Yet we don’t know where we are going to! Like seriously?”




“I am so sorry. I feel so foolish right now” I said and he gasped.




“This is serious! So, what do we do now? Does Mo or someone know their place?”




“No, they don’t” I said, almost sadly.




Just then, my phone started ringing. It was an unknown line. I picked up.








“Hello” A sweet, Americana voice sounded from the other line.




“Can we fix a date for dinner tonight with Emmy’s uncle?”




“Who is this?”




“His wife”




“Emmy’s wife” I asked and my husband’s head turned to look at me questionably.




“No. His uncle’s wife. This is Mrs. Olawuwo, right?”




“Yes” I replied, feeling really good. I wondered why there was such coincidence.




“Can you make it at 7pm?”




“Can’t we make it a breakfast evening ma? We are already dressed and ready.” I said anxiously.












“Oh…alright. You are driving from where?” She asked.








“Great. We are in Apo. One of the CBN quarters in Apo. I will send the address to you now. The time you will spend driving down here should be enough for me to prepare for your coming.”




“Thank you, madam. We will soon be there”




“Alright. See you. Drive safely, madam.”




“Thank you so much” I said as I dropped the call.




This kain God o

I’ve never seen Your type o

This kain God o

Blessed be Your Holy Name




I burst out singing as I gave my husband the full report of what had happened.




“Wow! So, they have even been expecting us?”




“I am telling you!” I exclaimed as I adjusted my gele. “Dear, please let’s start going. While we wait for the address, I have so many things to buy”




“Like what and what?”




“I want us to buy all those big watermelon, red and green apples, purple grapes, bananas, fruits generally”








“Then, we can stop to buy like two exotic hampers for them”




“And then?”




“Erm…that should do. Or what do you think?”




“I thought it was the groom’s family that should do all these things, buying this and that” He said and I gurgled.




“No nah! We can do this too. Moreso, we will get all this back when it is time for their wedding” I said and laughed.




“So, you are in support of Momy now?”




“Which one is Momy?”




“Their wedding codes na. Mo and Emmy” My husband said and I burst out laughing till the sides of my head ached.




“Ah! My legs and hands are in o. I have never been dealt with this hard in my life” I said and my husband laughed.




My phone beeped.




“Address don land gidigba. My husband, let us go please” I said and he started the car again and zoomed off.





Emmy’s uncle was seated on a big settee clothed in his Igbo regalia- Red top and blue wrapped with an elegant ‘withered’ cap. His beautiful, very fair wife was seated beside him in a very lovely gown. Her long hair was weaved to the back. Emmy’s uncle was frowning so hard, looking deeply at us. His wife was holding his left hand and smiling at us sweetly.




There was silence for close to twenty minutes before he spoke. When he did, his voice thundered.




“Have you come here for peace?” He asked.




“For peace. In peace” My husband replied.




“How is your daughter doing, now?”




“Better. Thank you.” He replied again.




“These things you have brought” He pointed his staff at the baskets of fruits and hampers we had brought. “We will not accept them” He said and we sat straight on the edge of the chair.




“Look at this house very well. Do we look like we are suffering?” He asked and we shook our heads.





“We are not suffering.” He said and snorted.




“I will give you something now. If you accept it, we will know if we should welcome you and receive your gifts or not” He said and we nodded again.




“Dennis!” He called out and a guy rushed in. He raised his hand and the guy brought in an envelope. He placed in on the table before us.




“You can go” He said and Dennis left. “That is the one million naira that you paid to our son, Emmanuel to back off from your daughter. Will you accept it?” He bellowed.




“Yes, gladly” I said and his wife clapped excitedly.





“Then, we will take your gift” He said, still frowning. “Dennis!” He called out again and he rushed in. “Take our gifts inside” He said and I smiled as I picked the brown envelope on the table up and placed it in my bag.




“You see, love cannot buy money! Love is sacred! Love is from above! It is from the Father of light in whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” He said and we nodded again.




“My name is Chukwuemeka Obi Ogbuani. I am from Enugu state. My sister is Emmy’s mother. Here is my wife. Kindly introduce yourself please” He said and looking into his wife’s face, he smiled, his white teeth sparkling.




“My name is Oluwanishola Aderonke Ogbuani” She said and my eyes widened as my face broke into a smile.




“You are Yoruba?” I asked and she smiled.




“Beeni ma. (Yes ma) Ekaabo ma (Welcome ma)” She said and my husband and I started laughing.




“Sweetheart” Mr. Emeka called out suddenly.




“Yes Honey”




“Do you love me?”




“Greatly” She said with a smile.




“Do I love you?”




“Evidently my husband”




“Have you ever regretted getting married to me?”




“Never! Not for a second!”




“Would you choose over and over again if there was another world?”




“Without even thinking about it, my husband”




“Do I take care of you?”




“Everyone in our yard knows you do more than I ask!”




“Do I love money?” He asked and she burst out laughing.




“You work really hard, therefore, money would most definitely come to you. You do not love money because I have never seen you do evil things to get money! Yet, you make lots of money.”




“Wise girl!” He said and smiled widely, giving his wife a high five.




“Am I a good head to you?”




“Sure. That is why I find it easy to submit to you!”




“How much do I pray for you?”




“Ah! Too much! You are a prayer machine! I am here today because you pray!”




“Who preached to me? Who won my soul to the Lord?”








“Repeat it”








“Do I love any bad thing happening to Emmy”




“Never! You love him so much that you hate to see him hurt.”




“Am I a good Christian? Am I a child of God”




“Yes! You have proven to be someone who is directly eating from the table of the Lord. I have never met a better, proven man of God”




“Have you lied in any of the things you’ve said?”




“Lie? The Spirit of the Lord bears me witness. I say the truth, I lie not” She said and I started weeping, falling to my knees.




The special ‘rendition’ I had seen and heard was too much for my heart that I just couldn’t bear it.




They are complete children of God!




Igbo man for that matter!




And it’s an inter-tribal marriage!




They look aged but they are still in love!




They are so united and loving!




Emmy won his soul?





All these broke my heart.





“I am so sorry for being a complete dunce. Who am I? Why should I behave like a fool as if there is no God?”  I wept sadly.




His wife came to my side and helped me up. My husband’s head was bowed but when he heard my wet sniffs, he picked up my hand and squeezed them lovingly.




Mr. Emeka smiled.




“You are not as bad as I thought” He said and I nodded.




“I can’t say what came over me. But the Lord has dealt with me. He has beaten me severally” I cried.




“Thanks be to His Holy Name” He said and smiled. “I am happy now.” He said and called Dennis again. He came in with a bottle of wine and a cup. “We will be drinking from this cup. I will start.”




He poured some into the cup, took small, gave his wife, then my husband and then me.




“Finish it” He said and I downed it. They clapped




“That is to signal the beginning of a sweet friendship” He said and I smiled.




“I am so sorry. I regret all I did”




“You know, when this guy said he was coming from Germany because of a girl, a Yoruba girl for that matter, I warned her! Yoruba people can be proud you know” He joked and we all laughed. “It took my wife’s parents a whole year to set their eyes on me! But when they did, they loved me completely” He said and slapped his wife’s back playfully.




“So, that day, he came back very sad. The day he met his in-law for the first time that he was supposed to be happy! He was sad. He wept like no other. He couldn’t eat. He didn’t have to tell me all that transpired before I knew he had been rejected. Few days after when he became better, I forced him to talk. I was so shaken at all I heard! I brought down all his social media accounts and seized his phone”




“Hmmmm” My husband sighed.




“This guy so much believes in his love that even though I dealt with him badly, he stood true to his conviction. He fought for his love! He left his work, his loved one abroad and stayed here, waiting for the day his love would come for him. Ah, I feared love just seeing him like that!”




“I regret it all. Even my daughter has been like that. Despite all the advances from other people, she has stayed true to her love for Emmy. We have understood now that many waters cannot quench love” My husband said.




“Mrs. Olawuwo, do you know that I understand you well?” Mr. Emeka asked me and I nodded in an attentive manner. “You reacted quite understandably. No one would want his or her own children to fall into the hands of 419 husbands or churches!” He said and swallowed.




“When a parent knows the truth, he wouldn’t want his own child to jump into falsehood! There are many false churches everywhere who call on Jesus and those that do not call on Jesus! They bind and cast indeed but they lack every form of godliness. They speak in tongues but do not know the Holy Spirit. Their own God is in water, images and so on. They do not preach holiness and Heaven and Hell and the Power of God! They only preach how to make money and prosper and continuing in sin while Grace takes care of every other thing!”




“That is not the type of boy Emmy is! Emmy is a boy that fears the Lord! I shouldn’t try advertising my boy but ask him, interview him, ask your daughter and weigh the pros and cons. You will see for yourself!” He paused. “Most times when we parents try to give our children wings, we end up breaking their legs. Thank God ours didn’t go too far anyway”




“Thank God ooo. Thanks be to the Lord” I waved my hands to Heaven thinking deeply about how I had wanted to push my daughter down the wrong path.




“Do you want to see him now?” He asked.




“Ah! Sure! We want to see him!” I said, my husband nodding with a smile too.




“Dennis! Call my guy for me” He announced.




“The table is set with orisirisi already ma. After greeting your son, let us come together to have a nice family time. What do you think?” Aderonke asked.




“Sure! Sure!” My husband and I nodded happily. I was more than excited. I was too grateful to the Lord for making the whole thing work out well.




Emmy entered, looking all excited. Smiling happily, he bowed slightly before his aunt and uncle. He moved closer to my husband and I and went flat on his face in prostration.






“The guy don learn Yoruba tradition” His uncle teased and we all laughed.




I moved close to him and laid my hands on his head.




“You are blessed! In the morning you are blessed! In the evening you are blessed! Every day of your life, you are blessed. Everything negative that I have said against your life, I turn them around now for blessings. Blessed art thou….” I continued to bless him with everyone saying ‘Amen’!




We had a very nice, tight mother-and-son hug after the blessing. We wept together and I apologized to him. It was a moment of joy and reconciliation for us.




As we dined together at the dining, Mr. Emeka asked for Mo’s picture and Emmy quickly brought out his tab that was earlier seized from him which had been returned.




Immediately he showed the first and the second, Mr. Emeka shouted.




“Ah ah…I know her very well! Is this for real? Isn’t this Mosunmola Olawuwo?” He asked and I smiled.




“No uncle. This is Mopelola Olawuwo” Emmy said and I nodded.




“Mosunmola Olawuwo is her twin” I added.




“Wow, oh good God! Mosunmola never told me she is a twin!” He said and zoomed the picture. “Chai! See how my heart leaped for joy when I saw her face.” He chuckled. “That lady is too wonderful!”




“Really? Mopelola is sweeter and cooler though” I said.




“Wow! She must be an angel then” Mr. Emeka said




“Where do you know her from?” My husband asked.




“She is my subordinate at work. No bribe, no dating, no unnecessary touch, no corruption! She is a threat to thousands in that place. They call her ‘Iron Boss’” He said and started laughing “I have special love for that girl”




“Wow!” I exclaimed.




“She is so fearless, actually!” My husband said.




“And she is very decent and respectful” Mr. Emeka added.




“I am suddenly proud of my daughter, Mola ooo” I said





“Of course, you should. She is the best girl in our whole office. I am her direct boss. I am a superintendent and she is an assistant superintendent.” Mr. Emeka said.




I gurgled, shock obviously written all over my face.




My Mola?




“She doesn’t attend Bible Life Church, right?” Aderonke asked and I sighed




“She doesn’t o. Hmmm”




“No wonder you look too shocked at the description my husband is giving of her. My sister! She might even bring you more joy that the one that you think is attending your church” She said and I sighed again.





“Hmmmm…!” I nodded, struggling to believe. My husband nodded affirmatively as he battled with a large chunk of meat.




“Mola attends the chapel in the police quarters though. And she suddenly walked up to me last week saying she would love to be taking the discipleship training of the Scripture Union!” Mr. Emeka said and my eyes widened.



“My daughter said that?”




“Yes o. So, please stop making her feel like a cast away. Pull her together and love her as you love our wife. okay?” Mr. Emeka asked.




“I will. I really will o” I nodded as we feasted on. I almost couldn’t believe all they had said about my daughter. It sounded too sweet to be true.








My fighting girl?




The one that had made me cry the most in my entire life as a mother?






















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