Where is the guy I married?

Photo credit: Khemzy Nita
Photo credit: Khemzy Nita

“Wiiiiiieeeeeeennnn, wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, wieeeeeennnnnennnn” my baby’s cry geared on and on.

“Jesus, please stop her. Please calm her down. What do I know is wrong with her now?” I kept muttering to myself as I sat up and held my three month old baby in my arm. She was crying profusely. Tears dotted her face like little puddles of water. She doesn’t want to be appeased. She refused to be breastfed too. What shall I do?
I climbed down the bed and danced around while singing lullabies for her but instead of being appeased, Blossom kept crying.
“Is it her diapers?” I asked myself. I went to her wardrobe and brought out another diaper. I went back to the bed, sat down, removed all of her clothes and off I set to the bathroom.
After giving Blossom a warm bath, I came back to the bedroom to dress her in another light, comfortable sleeper after applying sufficient powder on her body and enough oil on her scalp. Yet, the cry continued. I was frustrated.
I brought her close to my bosom as I raised my blouse but her little hands pulled my blouse down meaning “I don’t want your jugs!” She cried the more!
We were in the hospital that very day before for the ante-natal. The last vaccination was not like this o! Though she cried it was not as bad as this. This incessant cry, I have been told to anticipate but I didn’t expect it would be this much. I eased the blouse she was wearing and checked her small shoulder which was the ‘venue’ for the substance causing my baby’s discomfort. I rubbed it over and over again. She cried the more. I put my baby down, knelt beside my bed and cried!
Is this how motherhood thing is? God, this is unbearable! I cried and cried.
You might be thinking, where is your husband? Is your baby fatherless? My dear people, no! My husband is alive,. He is safe and sound.
All the while the drama unfolded, Dave slept so beautifully as if nothing was happening. My baby’s tears and my own- everything was in his ears like lullabies urging him to sleep on.
This was not the man I married!

When I just got married to him, my sleeplessness made him sleepless. When I turned on my side on the bed, he would wake up, no matter how deep his sleep was. He would cuddle me and sing into my ears till I fall I asleep but now, he just didn’t bulge.
He turned in his sleep and sat up. I looked at him and shook my head.
“Dear, are you just…” I was saying when he shut me up.
“What’s the noise about?” He asked, still very sleep-drunk.
I looked at him very intensely, my heart beat rising so fast. Can’t he see my tears? Can’t he see that I need a word of encouragement?
“Are you crying?” he asked, yawning, scratching his head and looking away. My already swollen heart ripped open that I cried aloud.
“Dave, where are you? What is happening? Where is my husband? What has happened to us?” I cried on and on. He shook his head, let out a brief hiss, came down from the bed, picked up a pillow and out of the room he went!
My cry stopped abruptly!
“Is this a dream?” I asked myself
I couldn’t hold it anymore. I tucked my already dozing baby in her small cradle and jumped out of the room as if being pursued by a jackal!
Dave was on the settee, supporting himself with the pillow and some other throw pillows. He was snoring! He looked so unbothered.
One spirit told me to slap him awake, the other told me ‘Liz, take things easy’ I obeyed the latter, walked close to him, knelt down beside him and tapped him.
“Ohhh, Liz, what’s it? Its midnight. Sleep! If not, let me sleep!” he said.
‘I won’t cry!’ I told myself. I called my Spirit, Soul and Body to let’s fight the battle together.
“Dave, what’s wrong? You couldn’t hear Blossom crying so heavily. Could you?”
“Of course I could. But you know, cuddle her, sing to her, do everything. She would sleep”
“yes, I have tried everything but they didn’t work. I think it’s the vaccination that is the cause.”
“Well, if it didn’t work when the mother tried all, would it work if I tried? Liz, try to be reasonable!” He said. I blinked so hard to avoid my tears from falling
“You could still show care Dave. You are supposed to show me care” My eyes failed me as I started crying again. Dave hissed!
“See Liz, this cry is irritating! Grow up! What’s the difference between you and Blossom? When a grown up tries to behave like a baby, she becomes an imbecile!” he blurted out. I sat on the cold tiles, picked one of the throw pillows and I started banging it on the floor thinking the experience would wake me up from my slumber. I felt a sharp headache.
“Dave, I have lost you! Jesus, I have lost my husband!” I cried out over and over again.
Our marriage is only a year old. What is happening? Those times when I was pregnant and I was acting a kid that was sobbing, he would cuddle me and call me “my baby with my baby” while he wiped my tears. Now, this isn’t even an act and it irritated him. It didn’t pain him, it didn’t concern him! What has suddenly come over him?
He had been behaving weird and absurd for many days now but now it’s getting out of hand.
I went close to him and sat beside him. I held his hand which he reluctantly allowed. I sighed at this.
“Dave, please, let’s pray. I can sense that something is wrong.” I said. He threw my hands away, hissed and stood up.
“Don’t bring in prayers into something like this. Why are you being illogical? If you can’t let me be, I will leave the house for you” he said, wore his slip-ons and walked towards the door.

As he was about to open, I blocked him.
Where is he going to? It’s just few minutes to midnight. This night? God forbid!” I thought to myself.
I looked into his face and my heart yearned for my husband, but his eyes scared me. They were red as burning coals. My heart started racing.
I cried out as he caught my right hand and pushed me off his way into one of the arm chairs. It was so painful.
The key turned twice and the door opened. There was a loud bang as he closed the door behind him.
“Jesus! This can’t be your will right? But you told me it is Dave and no one else. That was why I said yes. You did! What’s it now?…Oh God!”
I could cry no more. The veins at the sides of my head were thumping to the extent that the noise disturbed me! My head was banging as if yam was being pounded in it. I was exhausted. My nose was blocked! My eyes were heavy.
Where is my caring, loving, prayerful and peace-loving husband and father of Blossom? It’s obviously not this monster!
Where is my husband? Can someone just tell me his whereabouts?


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  1. Japo

    Hmmmm. So sad. Welcome to the journey.

    You should have observed changes in character before now.Perhaps you weren’t keeping tabs with him.Perhaps he might have a very difficult day ahead the drama between you and your little baby.

    The Dave you used to tell us about doesn’t portray such character.Something is wrong somewhere.You are in best position to help him out before its too late.

    Pray for him! He’d be fine.The storms in marriage is showing up and Its time you brace up, face it and get stronger in prayer.

    God comfort you and Blossom…..pele.

    If I see Dave, I will let you know.Have you checked your garage? He might be squatting there regretting his deeds.

  2. N'austin Malizu

    You held me from the first paragraph! Spellbinding piece, would love to be notified when the second epiosde comes up, please.

  3. ADEBAYO Samuel

    wow….nice and also heart touching as well. That’s a strange behavior in Dave but try to take time to figure things out carefully probably he has something bordering him to avoid pulling your young marriage apart

    awesome… Grace for grace in Jesus Name

  4. ADEBAYO Samuel

    wow..this is thrilling and heart touching as well. That’s a strange behavior in Dave but try to take time to figure things out carefully probably he has something bordering him to avoid pulling your young marriage apart.
    Awesome piece!!!

  5. Khemzy Nita

    Like I was seeing everything happening in my very before. Apt imagery. And definitely captivating.

    Bring it on.

  6. Oluwatimilehin

    I planned to read just one of the series tonight. Now, am unsure of myself after reading this.
    This is the beauty of imagination.
    Dave, where are you?

  7. Bosede

    I’m captured already!!! Going to the next episode. I am so sure there are many lessons to take away from this story. God bless you Ma’am

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