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As Mola drove on, singing happily as she did, I kept looking outside the window.




“Isn’t this Asokoro? Why are we here?” I asked and Mola smiled.




“I told you I wanted to take you out. See how you have been bored for days now. It is necessary for me to bring you out so that you will be less cranky”




“Okay. But all I am seeing here….what! You are bringing me to a Mess?” I exclaimed and she started laughing.





“You will have fun!”




“Oh my! But I am not in the mood” I said and frowned.




I loved uniformed men especially soldiers and I loved to see them in action but never would I have imagined that my sister would be bringing me to them to cheer me up. Would it ever work?




“It’s getting dark already, just let us go back home. I am very fine. I won’t enjoy this thing as much as you think I would”




“Gunshots displays, funny army dances and songs, parade, oh my! What fun!”





“Gosh! Are there no better places? You are a police but I am civilian, abeg”




None of my words mattered as she drove on. We got to a big entrance with the name ‘Scorpion Mess, Asokoro’ and she drove in after submitting her tag.




She left the steering at times to throw her hands up. She looked so excited that I wished I could be her for that moment.




It had been two weeks after the near-rape experience and I was just getting out of it- especially when I couldn’t see my lover since that day. I had not been myself at all.




As she brought the car to a stop, she opened her door and ran to my side. I refused to come down, so she started singing and shaking her bombom at me.





Daddy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

Daddy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

Daddy shark



Mummy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

Mummy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

Mummy shark



Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

Baby shark




“Carry your bombom away joor” I laughed seriously as I pushed her away.





She pulled me out of the car and started dragging me to a seat for two. I sighed severally, quite bored.




“You will enjoy it” Mola whispered into my ears as some horses started galloping to my side.




“Kai!” The rider screamed and threw me a box of candy. I picked it and started examining it. Almost immediately, the horse started racing towards me. I was scared. I stood up and started running away.




Turning back, the horse was still pursuing me. My heart started racing.




“Mo, the candy” I heard Mola’s voice and threw the candy box backwards, still running as fast as my legs could carry me.






Everyone started laughing and clapping as the horse whined loudly and stopped. I paused to look back and saw that it had stopped and was picking the packet with his mouth.




The rider jumped down, walked towards me with a large laughter and extended his hand.




“No, it’s not funny, when you know it is it’s candy, why did you throw it at me?” I complained still breathing heavily.





“I wanted you to have fun. You didn’t?” He asked and I gasped.





“So funny” I said and started walking away.






“I wanted to give you a ride on the horse’s back” He said and I stopped.




“Really?” I said excitedly but stopped. “This horse is scary though”




“No it isn’t” Mola said as she mounted the horse, coming towards me. “Join us.” She said.




I looked at the large mouth of the horse and cringed.




“This horse is too big abeg” I said but the rider pushed me up and Mola caught me. Soon, I was on top of the horse and it was galloping away.







“Yaaaay! Fun all the way!” Mola screamed, her two hands up. My hands were gripping the bridle in fear and I shook from within.




Soon, Mola pushed took hold of the bridle and asked me to raise my two hands too and have fun. I shook my head.




“I will fall” I said, my voice trembling.




“You won’t. Try it”




I tried the first, the second and the third time and that was it. I was started screaming all the way.








After the amazing run I had and the horse ride, I was awake. I laughed at myself and shook my head at some funny display I had done.




“Having fun?” She asked and I nodded.




“Surprisingly, yes!” I said and she threw her hands up in the air. “See the soldiers are coming. This is more fun that you can imagine.” She said excitedly and I was soon laughing as the soldiers displayed graciously, singing very funny songs and dancing weirdly.





“I need to record this” I said and brought out my phone.




“Is it a special event? Why are there so many camera men around?” I asked and Mola nodded, enjoying herself.




“It’s a special programme. They have programmes here from time to time”




“Oh…okay” I said and started recording.




The about forty uniformed men disbanded after marching and dancing. They formed some rows and column, picked up drums and other instruments and started playing some great sounds.




I nodded to the song, dancing and feeling myself, still recording the incidence.




Suddenly there was a gunshot.




“Yeeeeh!” I screamed, very scared and my sister burst out laughing.




“Yoruba girl! Bloody civilian!” She teased and I laughed too.




“Na you sabi! Bloody militant!”




Different gun shots fired into the air again and just then, the band started marching towards me. I quickly put my phone away and looked at Mola who was smiling, moving her head to the sound of the beat.




“Have I erred? Am I in soup?”




“Don’t worry. They can’t do you anything” She said.





“Three hearty cheers to Queen Mopelola Olawuwo” One of them announced and I started to tremble.





“What are you doing?” I stuttered.




“Hip hip hip!” He shouted.








“Hip hip hip!”








They saluted me and started turning away as they had come, beating their drums as they did.




“Mola! This is not funny. You did this to make me happy? Oh my God!” I blushed as my heart thumped. I never expected it.




There was another gunshot but this time, the whole place was full of colors that I had to look up into the sky.








MY eyes went misty when I saw what the fireworks had written clearly on the skies. ‘Mo, will you marry me?’




I started to tremble as I tried to hold Mola but she was no longer seated beside me.




“What is happening here?” I started to breathe heavily, holding my chest.




The band became intense as the trumpeters started playing the tunes of ‘Olo mi’ by Tosin Martins. My breath had become really hot.




“Draw sabers!” A man screamed suddenly and some of the uniformed men formed two rows and pulled out a ceremonial sword each. They raised the swords, the cutting edges facing up, creating an archway.




“Maybe it’s not me? I guess this is a military wedding” I said and sat down.




Almost immediately, I looked up and saw a uniformed man slow-marching through the arch formed by the swords.








My heart resumed beating again as he stopped and started marching on a spot, saluting as he did. Tears had started forming in my eyes as I didn’t know what exactly to do- to cry or to laugh!




A firework went up again and I looked up to see what it was.





“I have missed you, my lover” It read and I started weeping, covering my mouth as I did. It was too emotional for me.




The band resumed again and trembling, I looked at Emmy.




What is he doing in a soldier’s uniform?




A soldier holding a big cake marched to his front. She saluted him. Emmy picked up a sword and cut a small part of a cake with it. He placed it on a platter, returned the sword to the woman and continued marching with the platter of cake in one hand.




He got to my side and went on his right knee. He was sweating profusely.





“Emmy” I covered my face in excitement. After a while, I brought out my handkerchief and quickly mopped his face, breathing hard as I did.




“Mo, will you please be my wife?” He asked, stretching the platter of cake towards me. Right in the inside of the cake was a ring.




“Emmy!” I started weeping as I knelt before him and suddenly hugged him so tightly.




I was like that for a while, weeping and laughing at the same time.





“Yes! I definitely will!” I screamed and there was a great murmuring amongst everyone standing by. The band started a different tune entirely and I was thrilled.





“I thought we were supposed to avoid touch till marriage” Emmy said after a while. I burst out laughing, bit his ear and disengaged, covering my face shyly.




As he adorned my finger with the ring, the sound of gunshots filled the air.




For he is a jolly good fellow

For he is a jolly good fellow

For he is a jolly good fellow

And so say all of us.



I heard a choir sing all of a sudden and looked up at them.




I burst out laughing. My family!




Mum, dad and Mola!




“And so say all of us!” Choirleader mummy raised her voice.




“Hurray!” Her choir member replied. I laughed so much that I couldn’t control my excitement.




I looked at Emmy’s smiling face and shook my head.




“You will explain how this became possible. You will” I joked, shaking my head gratefully.




Another set of choristers came after my family had displayed and started singing too.




“My uncle, aunt and my cousins” Emmy whispered in my ears and my eyes widened as I laughed out loudly.




“It’s a community proposal?”



“Isn’t that what you like?” He asked and I smiled. He sure wouldn’t forget things like that. We had had a small discussion of proposals before but I never believed he would have taken me seriously. I was simply in my world of fantasies when I said I liked a very large, army-kinda proposal.




For she is a jolly good sweet girl

For she is a jolly good sweet girl

For she is a jolly good sweet girl

And so say all of us.




“And so say all of us!” Emmy’s uncle thundered.








I started walking briskly to them as they sang, gave the uncle and aunt a tight hug first before going on my knees in greeting.




“Emmy has brought us a sweet, happy and respectful girl” Uncle announced and there was another shot of lightning firework.




That was the best day of my life. A day when all my dreams and prayers came true! A day that started gloomy but ended starry!




Oh my God!





I wouldn’t stop exclaiming as we dined as a family. I was so excited. Oh wow! Woow!





“I am somehow envious of you two now though” Mola said as Emmy drove us trio back home.



I started laughing.




“Even I am envious of myself, so it’s allowed” I looked back at her and she raised her nose at me, attempting to throw a punch at me which I avoided.




“My sweetness, Mola wants to beat me o” I said to Emmy who started laughing.




“Sister-in-law, please na beg I dey beg o” Emmy said and Mola started clapping her hands like a gossiping market woman.




“So, it has become like this abi? You, Mo abi what is your name? You now have a husband and you are forgetting about me almost immediately abi? You are neglecting your twin because of man?” She paused and I tongued out at her.




“Go and look for your husband too. Stop ‘jealousing’ us” I said and she gulped.




“No be your fault. And you too, Oga in-law. You are ‘prouding’ abi? You want all of our secrets to become open, right?” Mola said and Emmy raised his two hands as he drove on.




“Prouding? Who I be my momma? No ooo. Please don’t mind my sweetheart. She is just too excited ni. Just forgive our sins” Emmy joked and we started laughing again.





“I guess I will have to leave the house for this girl now because I know that night calls have now begun” Mola said again and I laughed out loudly. It wasn’t exactly because of what she said that I was laughing but I was excited that I was in the same car with Emmy and we were talking in the ‘love language’ again after so long a time!




I couldn’t even contain my joy! Not one bit!





“But you people will tell me the secrets between you o” Mo said and Emmy nodded, giving me a smile that made me melt from the inside.





“In fact, let me tell you one now sef.” Mola said.








“I am listening o”





“I was the one that tried his number the day Dada took you away. I didn’t know his number would be reachable but I just tried it anyway. I told him I was suspecting a foul play that he should come to the estate field and then he started coming.” Mola said and I shook my head as gratitude filled my whole being.




“I owe you a whole lot in my entire life! You are the third gift God has ever given me! Oh my! God bless you”




“What is the second gift?” Mola asked, her nose raised. I started to laugh; Emmy laughed too. I placed my hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently.





“This is the second gift that God has given me”




“Marriage is honorable in all, the bed undefiled o. Sister is touching brother’s shoulder o” Mola started singing and we burst into laughter so much so that the whole car shook.




“Mola! C’mon!” I screamed, laughing with so great ecstasy.




“C’mon too!” Mola said and snickered. “So, what is the first Gift?” Mola asked and I smiled.




“My salvation. It has brought in great things into my life. The Holy Spirit., Joy, Peace, God’s Presence, Power, Grace, just name it my dear sister, name it!”





“Hmmmmm…oh what a wonderful, wonderful day, day I will never forget” Emmy started singing and passed the ‘mic’ to me. The mic was his folded fist. Haha.




“After I’d wondered in darkness away, Jesus my Savior I met” I said also and passed my own ‘mic’ to Mola. I expected her to push my hand away but she came close, closed her eyes and gave the remaining lines the best voice I had ever heard her use in my life.




“Oh, what a tender, compassionate friend. He met the needs of my heart. Shadows dispelling with joy I am telling; He made all my darkness depart.” She sang, beads of sweat on her forehead. Affection rose in the depth of my heart for her and I faced Emmy.




“Sweetness, this lady here is my sister and I love her so much” I started telling Emmy who nodded.





“She loves you so much too. I know that” Emmy said and I nodded.



“I will want us to pray for her deeply. I want her to get married to someone that will love her so much. Someone that is her husband from Heaven indeed. This lady is too great! I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to say it. She is a destiny helper. Her husband would be so blessed to have her. Oh my God!” I continued with a heart burning with love and passion.




“Awwwwwnnnn… I am blushing” Mola said, covering her face. “God help me ooo. I also want to marry o. Good man like Emmy o. My sister is leaving me o” Mola said, raising her hands up.




“The Lord is the giver of all good gifts. Anyone that sincerely goes to the Lord to know Him for who He is and his ready to do all He says will definitely have all the good He offers”




“Hmmmmm…I have decided to also join the discipleship class of the Scripture Union in Garki. God had been dealing with me these days” Mola said and my heart flew like lightning at once as I turned back to face her.




“You are lying!” I exclaimed and she shook her head.




“I have signed up under the mentorship of Pastor Mensah!” She dropped more bombs and tears filled my eyes.




“It is a lie!” I exclaimed and started crying.




I couldn’t believe it but the look on Mola’s face was so serious, her voice calmer and her person exuded so much truth.





“She is done with the first book I gave her ‘Ablaze for God’ and she is on another one now” Emmy said and my eyes widened.




“You know too?”




“So many secrets, I told you” Mola said and I wept seriously. I couldn’t believe it.




Emmy patted me on the back severally as he admonished us and also celebrated with us.




He knew how much Mola’s salvation had been a very big issue for me!




Then, the Holy Spirit started bringing back to my memory all He had told me those days when I was at the crossroad. When I was losing it and when Mola was the one standing by me and making me stand on my toes.




“…your sister, Mosunmola has asked me to have mercy on you!”



“…My heart was heavy within me the day you insinuated to Mosunmola that she couldn’t hear from me, because she was a sinner!”



“I have chosen her! And she will bear me witness to the end of the earth”



“Hasn’t she been an instrument I have been using to insist that you stay in my Will?”



“You pray and doubt altogether and you say I am not answering your prayers! You asked me to work on your sister but you do not believe that I am doing that?”



“You have a whole lot to do. You need to get your sound mind back, shut the mouth of the lions, chase away the dogs and win your sister’s soul!”




I shook my head as tears fell down my eyes as if they were springs of water. Mola had tears in her eyes too.




“Mo, thanks for praying for me. Thanks” She said and I shook my head.




“You thanks! Thanks for asking God to have mercy on me!” I sobbed. “Thanks for being an instrument that God used to make me stay in God’s Will, for God’s Will. Thanks. Thanks” I wept on.




“I didn’t even know what came over me. I just knew Dada was not the one. I had not even met Emmy and there was just this thing in me that it was him!”





“Hmmmmm….Glorious Father” Emmy exclaimed.




“The Lord said that He has chosen you and you will be bear Him witness to the end of the earth” I said and she smiled.




“Amen. Amen.”




I sat right and faced Emmy.




“Sweetness, please tell me something. The Lord said something to me when the whole thing was hot. I want to know the meaning” I said and he nodded.




“Bring it on” He said.




“You have a whole lot to do. You need to get your sound mind back, shut the mouth of the lions, chase away the dogs and win your sister’s soul!”




Suddenly, we heard some a deep voice from the back seat. When I looked back, it was Mola. I was stunned, my mouth suspended.




Mola was speaking in tongues! Her eyes were shut! She was sweating! She was calm yet looked so fiery.




Emmy brought the car to a halt, looked back at her too and shook his head.




“The Lord wants us to worship” He said and I quickly brought out my hand towel, covered my head and we started worshipping, speaking in tongues as we did.





I had been speaking in tongues long before that time but that day was different. It was unique. It was too divine.




Mola was saying something in some definite tongues and Emmy paused and nodded.




“I will interpret. The Lord is answering your question Mo. The question you asked, the Spirit of the Lord is bringing answers to them” Emmy said too, his eyes firmly shut.




“Amen! Amen” I kept repeating.




“Mosunmola my daughter, you have your sound mind back, do not allow anything, nothing at all to tamper with your mind. Check your mind daily and sweep out anything that is contrary to me” Emmy interpreted as Mola spoke on. Tears started falling down my face as I waved.





“Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord”




“You have shut the mouth of the lions! You invited the Lion of Judah into your situation and He gave you the strength to shut every roaring lion that wanted to stop your marriage. Now, the lions are in cooperation with you” He said and I shook my head.




I didn’t understand that statement when the Lord said it to me that time as I prayed but I understood immediately.




My parents were the lions whose voices needed to be stopped! Now, they are in cooperation with me.





“Thank You Jesus. Thank You”





“And the dogs that came to defile. The dogs that came to tamper with you, you have chased them away! You have succeeded to bind them and throw them away.”




Dada Ariyo!




That was what came into my mind and I cried.





“Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Thank You” I wept profusely.





“Winning the soul of your sister? It is done! Scream it out Mo, it is done!” Emmy shouted, his voice roaring like a lion, filling the whole car.





“It is done! It is done! Thank You Jesus! It is done!” I cried on.




“Any question on your mind?” Emmy asked and I started nodding.




“Lord, you said I was the one that did all these things? How Lord? I couldn’t even heal my own mind; I couldn’t take my stand against my parents; I couldn’t fight Dada Ariyo; I couldn’t even help Mola. I couldn’t. How then did I do all these things that You said Lord? How?” I cried.




“You prayed!” The Lord said through Emmy. “Prayer moves the Hands of He that moves the World!”




“Kai! Such privilege! Such privilege!” I cried, so weakly. It was too overwhelming.




“Lord, I can’t believe that You would show Yourself mightily to me like this. This isn’t even fiction but see Lord. I can’t believe that You are speaking to me”




“I remain the same, yesterday, today and forever! Moses waited on me, Elijah waited on me, Paul waited on me. Anyone in this dispensation who would wait on me will definitely see what these ones saw that made them special”




I wept like no other that day. It was unbelievable.




“Fear the Lord, abstain from iniquity, seek the Lord till you are empowered, love me with all your heart, all your might, and all your strength. Spread the news of how great I am till many are saved. Is that not all?” 




“God, I am still lacking. I have not done all these things You’ve mention.”




“Fit yourself in all of that. The grace has been deposited into your care. Do more for Me. Do more!”




“Thank You. Thank You Lord. Thanks for everything. Thank You Lord. For speaking to me, thank You. For giving me Emmy again, thank You Lord”




“The bed undefiled!” He sounded and Emmy stopped speaking English, resuming speaking in tongues again.




“Yes! The bed undefiled. You will help us Lord. We will uphold sexual purity in our courtship. Help us Lord” I prayed on, thanked the Lord and kept worshipping.





At last, I had to be the one to drive us back home because the duo wouldn’t stop singing and worshipping and rejoicing and exalting the Name of the Holy Lord in tongues.




I pondered on the whole thing the Lord had discussed with me and I shook with fear at how wonderful the Lord is!




The Lord, He is God!




The Lord, He is God!




Thank You Jesus!

















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    Fear the Lord, abstain from iniquity, seek the Lord till you are empowered, love me with all your heart, all your might, and all your strength. Spread the news of how great I am till many are saved. Is that not all?”

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