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The Fight for Love


I entered the room with a cup of hot milk on a small tray. Looking towards the bed, I saw Mopelola still under the duvet shivering hopelessly.


Her mum (I loved to call her that) had told me when I came back from my station that she and dad scolded her and that was why she wouldn’t come out of her room. The maid would take some food to her in the morning, afternoon and night and would go back there to pack the plates, either still full or slightly touched!


I had tried since I entered the room to ask Mo what the problem was but she wouldn’t tell me anything and the most annoying thing for me was the fact that I couldn’t watch her sick in her bed.


My sister was always lively, sweet and happy around me but all the gimmicks and tricks I had used to make her talk to me wouldn’t work.


Unfortunately for me, I had not saved the phone number of Emmy, her fiancé on my phone. I would have called him.


“Mo, will you stand up and eat your food please? At least, pity me! I came down from Kaduna today all jetlagged and see the headache I am experiencing here again. So, please at least think of my stress and come eat your food” I said as I heaved some spoons of cocopops into the cup of hot milk.


“Sorry” Came her husky voice. I shrugged.


“What the hell happened between you and your parents? I have asked your mum, she says nothing. I have asked your dad too, nothing. They said they scolded you. Can you tell me why they scolded you?” I said as I dragged a stool towards the bed and placed the tray on it.


There was no response.


“I will leave the room for you o” I threatened again, arms akimbo.


No response.


“Mopelola, I am your twin sister. We have never kept anything from each other before, have we?”


No response.


“What is it? What is it? Why am I the only one in the dark? C’mon, tell me!”


No response. There were just some painful groans as she stirred in bed.


“Should I call Emmy?” I asked and she opened her eyes widely. I could see her eyes really pleading with me not to do that.


“Why? Have you people broken up?” I asked again.


No response. She tried sitting up from her lying position and I saw the deep ‘well’ in her neck. She had grown really lean!


Oh my God!


I ran close to her and as I touched her, I screamed out of great shock.


“You are hot!” I said and she smiled ruefully. Her eyes had really travelled deep into their sockets and I kept swallowing and swallowing, not knowing exactly what to do next.


“They said I can’t marry him” She blurted out at once, her mouth smelling like a concoction of different drugs.


“Who are the they? You can’t marry who?” I asked her, already furious.


“Mum and dad. Emmy” She said weakly, supporting her forehead with her right hand, her eyes shut.


I laughed loudly, clapping my hands like I was hearing gibberish.


“Why would they say that? What is the problem with Emmy?” I asked further


“He is from a different assembly” She said and I burst out into another fit of laughter.


“Oluwa mi o” I laughed some more. “Have you seen that you people are confused? You are unserious! Jesus, Jesus Jesus! So, the Jesus people of our family can even clash because of Jesus again?” I laughed some more and I saw her from the windows of my half-shut eyes shaking her head.


“That’s not it!”


“So, how is it then? Mo, you are too soft! Is it because of this you want to kill yourself?” I asked and she shook her head.


“I have been seriously sick actually. I don’t think it’s because of that issue” She said and I laughed some more again.


“Who are you deceiving? Should I give you the prognosis of your illness?” I asked and she sighed.


“Aisan ife. The sickness of love”


“Mola, don’t even start” She said weakly again and I stopped my laughter abruptly.


“Is Emmy aware?”




“How is he taking it?”


“Erm…” Rubs her forehead. “He wasn’t happy when I told him and we prayed together but I haven’t heard from him since then”


“He hasn’t called you?”


“Maybe he has” She said again and looking into her eyes, I could see her avoiding my eyes, like she was hiding something.


“What are you hiding from me?”


“Like what?”


“You tell me. At least, you are a child of God, you won’t lie. Why are you avoiding my face?”


“Mola, it’s fine. It’s okay. Let me eat this cocopops before it becomes too swollen and soft” She said and I frowned a bit. She was intentionally avoiding my question.


“Where is your phone? Give it to me” I said and she shook her head.


“It’s not with me here”


“It’s with who?”


“Never mind” She said as she raised a spoon of the grains to her mouth. I racked my brain to find the pathway to the issue on ground.


As a police officer plus the simple nature of my sister, I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to find out what she was hiding.


“If your parents have asked you not to marry Emmy and you told Emmy about it and now, you can’t hear from Emmy because you do not have your phone, does it mean…Oh my God!” I screamed and then covered my mouth excitedly.


I burst out laughing while she chewed on vehemently at the milky chocolate balls.


“Yeah, you are right. They have seized my phone” She blurted out and I shook my head in utmost disappointment, laughter disappearing from my mouth.


“Mo, why are you so, I’m so sorry to say but you are gullible! You are too gullible! How could you allow your parents to take your phone from you? What is all that?”


“They want to read up our chats, our conversations and know if he is genuinely a child of God” She said again and I felt like giving her a dirty slap.


“When will you wake up and be sharp, my sister? When? Can you hear the words flowing out of your mouth? They want to read your chats yhen yhen yhen yhen!”


“What should I have done? Tell me, if it were to be you, what…”


“It couldn’t have been me! Lailai! From where to where?” I chuckled angrily, beating my palms together. “You are the only one they can talk to anyhow and treat anyhow o. I am not cold like a moron. You are the gullible one”


“It’s fine Mola, thanks. I am gullible and I don’t know anything. Can everyone please leave me alone?” She said, somewhat angrily.


“That’s the spirit! But you are using it the wrong way! You should pour your anger at your parents, not me, excuse you!” I said again and she sighed. “But wait can’t you go out and meet up with Emmy?” I asked and she shook her head.


“Have they told you to reflect on your actions and not go out until they ask you to?” I asked again, jokingly and was so shocked when she nodded affirmatively.


“They asked you not to go out?” I asked, quite alarmed.


She nodded.


“That you should reflect over everything that is…” I was going to ask to be sure when she burst out crying again.


“And I have nothing to reflect on. I love Emmy. I can’t seem to lay a single fault on this guy since the day I met him. I don’t know why they feel that way about him…”


“Have they met him?”




“So, they don’t feel anyway about him. They only feel that way about his church. His church is the problem! Or well, the church is their problem!” I slapped my palms together again in amazement.


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Everyone in my family saw me as a bad girl since I was a child. I was always going against the norm and wouldn’t adhere to the ‘rules’ of religion or anything. They would sometimes lay hands on me to cast and bind every demonic power in me but the only person who had always shown me true love was Mo, my twin sister. Even if she would throw her sermon at me, it would be with smiles and calmness.


The love story between Emmy and Mo was something that had challenged me. I was shocked that both of them could be seeing the same thing about each other when they were miles, nay, continents apart!


Emmy was in India then for his phD and Mo was in Germany, rounding off her Masters. They were even not in contact with each other!


She had suddenly called to tell me that God had told her that husband’s name was Emmy. I laughed at her that day to scorn. What a funny girl!


She said that she only wanted to inform as many people as she could to bear witness with her when the real thing happens.


Well, I was at the Defence Academy one day when someone who knew how much I loved novels brought me one. He spoke highly of it and when I collected it from him, I was aghast! The title was ‘EMMY AND MO’


I went into the story quickly to find out if the Mo was Mopelola but it wasn’t. It was Molly. Nonetheless, I was so shocked at that usual title coming out of the blues. When I told her, she was happy and shared some more experiences and revelations with me.


One spectacular one was funnily about wristwatch. One day, she sent me a sketch of a wristwatch. When I asked her what that meant, she said that that was the wristwatch her husband was wearing in a vision that she had seen. And for real, the first time Emmy would video chat her, she sent me screenshots of the whole thing. Looking at the wristwatch he was wearing in the screenshots, it was the same as the sketched one!


Those things had started to convince me to join the train of believers who believe in Christ but I hated problems with all of me and meeting such huge conflict before among those who I had looked up to made me so disappointed and disinterested.


I sighed deeply.


“So, what are you planning to do now? What are you going to do?” I asked and she smiled, fumbling with her pillow.


“I am still praying”


“What is your prayer point?”


“That the Will of God should be done. If Emmy is truly God’s Will for me…”


“If?” I asked, really shocked. “Ah, these righteous people have issues o. After all the many testimonies you have shared with me, you can use ‘if’ again? Ah!” I placed my hands on my head as tears rushed to my eyes.


I wasn’t that sentimental and all but seeing my sister shake in her conviction within the space of a week shocked me!


“I believe in God, I believe in God, so this is the end?” I was almost shouting. “If Emmy is the…” I mimicked and tears rushed to her eyes.


“If my parents do not agree to it, shouldn’t I watch it then?”


“Come sister! Your parents haven’t met this guy! They do not hate this guy! They hate his church! They are angry that you are getting married outside their church! And since they can see that you are unsure yourself, they can easily push you over. Get some sense” I said angrily.


She sighed.


“You wouldn’t even fight for this love a bit? Have you even tried praying about it?” I asked and she turned to look into my face, surprised. “Well, isn’t that what you do when you are confused?” I asked.


“Have you tried confronting them again on this matter? Break up with him, you obey, bring your phone, you obey, don’t go out, you obey! You just came back from Germany and you keep getting offers, aren’t you supposed to follow them up? You are indoors every single day! mo, can’t you see you have problems? You are in a standstill and you are contented with covering yourself up with duvet! It’s such a disgrace to call you my sister!”


“Mosunmola!” She exclaimed, the tears in her eyes falling down her face. I shrugged. I needed to talk some senses into her so she could at least think. I was so irritated at everything going on that I just wanted to end it badly.


My phone started to ring and I checked the screen- Mo’s mum.


I hissed as I picked the call and placed in on loudspeaker.


“Mummy Mo, do you think all you are doing to…” I started when she cut in.


“Give the phone to Mo since I am not your own mother”


“I knew it was Mo you wanted to speak with but I only wanted to use the…”


“Give the phone to my daughter, please” She shouted and I smiled. I was not in the mood to take the issue further. The whole issue on ground had weakened me and if I added to it, it wouldn’t be good.


“Mo dear. Have you eaten”


“Yes ma” The poor, water-soaked chick replied, shivering as she did. I sighed and moved towards the mirror to check out how the lone pimple which had appeared on my nose the day before was doing.


“Have you seen the letter I dropped on your table?”


“No ma. Which table?” She asked, her nose obviously blocked.


“Your dressing table. Check it, bath, dress up and come out in twenty minutes. Let’s go out together”


“Okay ma” The obedient, little Mo replied and I shook my head as I walked to the dressing table. I picked up the white envelope on the table.


‘TO SISTER MOPELOLA OLAWUWO’ was written boldly on it.


I unfolded it and as I read it, I was furious. It seemed the end of Mo and Emmy was completely over.


‘This is to invite you to our meeting which holds on the 25th May. Come along with your Bible. God bless you. Marriage Council, Bible Life Church”


Oh my God!


I developed sudden headache as my head spun around!


Personally, I just loved Emmy and Mo together! I didn’t want anything whatsoever to tamper with them. They looked so happy together. I just had that feeling in my heart that they were meant for each other.


I heard some sobs behind me and when I turned to look at Mo and realized she had fallen to the ground, weeping profusely, I picked up my phone and started dialing her mum’s number. The more I called, the more she dropped the calls. When she eventually picked up, she was angry.


“What is the problem? You should support your only sister and not be envious of her!”




“Yes! If you try to teach my daughter any bad thing, the Holy Ghost fire will deal with you for me. What is your problem?”


My eyes were already red and hot from anger.


“What did you just say about…” I was saying incoherently when Mo collected the phone from me.


“I will be downstairs soon” She said and dropped the call.


“I am so sorry Mola. Let me go for the meeting. I shouldn’t cause any other person any more pains”


“Awww…” I chuckled. “I have heard more hurtful words from your mother so this is nothing. But Mo, you aren’t going anywhere!”


“Let me go and fulfil all righteousness Mola.” She said and she moved to the bathroom, still sobbing.


“Don’t sacrifice your own happiness for others. You should know what you want and go for it. You shouldn’t…”


“Mola, let me go. The Lord will go with me” She said and I stopped in front of the bathroom door, really perplexed and angry. I didn’t know I should be angry at.


Her mum?


Her day?


Or herself?


Or even myself?


I went online and searched for Emmy. I thought if he could speak to Mo, he could stop her. I sincerely just had serious misgivings about her going for the Marriage Council meeting!


Facebook Messenger’s info on Emmy’s inbox read ‘Active a week ago’ so I knew he hadn’t been online since the day he had heard about the issue. I tried calling him still- all ending up in futility!


I asked for his phone number from Mo, she said ‘I should please leave Emmy out of this’




What do I do?


How do I stop her?


As I watched her from the window, getting into the car with her mum and dad, I fell on the bed, threw my phone aside, hugged a pillow and wept profusely!


It was the first time I felt really helpless in my entire life!




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  1. Oluwasemiloore Victory

    Seriously waiting for Episode3 to know what the outcome of the “meeting” will be. Don’t let me imagine anything now. I sure know this is heading somewhere. God will help us, is one thing to bring the man,acceptance is another thing. But if it’s truly God Mo will come out strong I believe.

    God bless you mama for this. More grace our very own Mrs Yaks.

  2. sheunxyblue

    Can’t the parents just pray it through or even invite Emmy over, instead of enforcing denomination. What gives them the impression that only the members of their church are righteous?

  3. Damilola

    This suspense is becoming much ooo,.
    I cannot wait for episode 3, aunty “Mo” plssss o
    Weldone ma, great work

  4. Joy Zamdayu

    Kai mama God bless you for this..
    If only our parents understand that being religious is terrible they wouldn’t force us to be like them…. It’s well ma this is a beautiful story …. More grace I love you ma’am 🤩

  5. Victor Ojo

    To mẹ, I think Molly’s parents are just being religious, also, they are concerned about what others will say. Their duty is to guide their daughter and not control her like a puppet.
    They sealed up her freedom. This is selfishness.

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